About StoneToaster Media

StoneToaster Media was founded by writer/performer/artist/burrito enthusiast Bryan Melugin.

Our mission is to provide multimedia art at competitive prices for many outlets, including social media, YouTube videos, children’s books, television, live theater performances, and many others.

Education and Experience

Bryan Melugin’s education and background are in Art, Theater and Science Education, as well as stage performance, film production, and music. He earned his degree from Illinois State University in 2003, though he did spend a brief time at Columbia College in Chicago.

Bryan has worked with and for many companies and individuals, including MicroGenDX, Pedigree Dog Food, Shaw Flooring, DeSitter Flooring, Lenovo, Creation Today, Genesis: Paradise Lost, Gobi Creative, See You Downtown, and a collection of small businesses and social media accounts and YouTube Channels.

In recent years he has edited several series of videos for corporate training, children’s television, YouTube channels, and social media marketing. Some of these take the form of cartoon animation, others the simple application of text and audio (with a few cuts made to get the pace to clip along a bit better). For names and examples, please visit the Video Gallery. In addition, he heads the Social Media Marketing content production and management for a medical diagnostics company, a major motion picture, and an apologetic ministry.

About the Name

StoneToaster Media is named for the greatest American garage band of the mid-1990’s, of which Bryan was front man, song writer, and stylist. Their songs live on in the aging, cholesterol-laden hearts of middle aged suburbanites all over the Chicago suburbs, and probably small parts of Florida. The name refers to a member of the band and our collective love of Pop-tarts.

The tall guitarist on the far right is Mr. Stone (his actual name), so no, it is not a drug reference of any kind. And the toaster featured on this web site is an antique which was the band’s unofficial mascot. So, there is a legitimate explanation for it all.

About StoneToaster Media

Founded Feb 2019, StoneToaster Media is a Limited Liability Company in the state of Illinois. Legally we are STONE TOASTER MEDIA LLC, and Bryan Melugin is managing member.