Image Gallery

We do photography, cartooning, illustration, and a WHOLE LOT of Photoshop. Below are a selection of works made for personal and corporate reasons, some of which were used in animation, most of which are used in social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing and Animations

These are images produced in the production stages of several animations intended to market molecular diagnostics to a wide audience, including doctors and nurses, on a wide range of social media platforms.

This is a collection of memes made for social media to market a molecular diagnostics company. Images like these are produced and distributed daily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest.

These memes are part of a social media campaign surrounding a movie called Genesis: Paradise Lost, which was in theaters in America in 2017 and which was continued to be shown in theaters around the world as of 2019. Having begun as previews for the theatrical release, the social media marketing has since come to focus on the DVD sales.

Nature, People, and Places